Louisville Murder Defense Attorney

Louisville Kentucky Experienced Murder Defense Lawyer

In the criminal courts of this country there is no charge more serious than first degree murder. Being convicted of first degree murder in Kentucky mandates punishment by imprisonment for no less than twenty (20) years with a possible maximum term of sixty (60) years. Depending on the specific character and nature of the indictment charging first degree murder, a conviction in some cases can expose the accused to life imprisonment or possibly even the death penalty. If you have been arrested, indicted and face prosecution for murder, you should locate a trial attorney who has extensive experience defending murder prosecutions. To defend against the most serious charge in the books requires a skilled criminal defense attorney who has a proven track record of investigating homicides, defending murder indictments and achieving not-guilty verdicts.

Over his thirty-year career as a private Criminal Defense Attorney, David Mejia has established a record in gaining not-guilty verdicts as well as reversals on appeal of murder convictions and sentences. In state prosecutions in Illinois and Kentucky, Mr. Mejia has gained:

  • 15 Not-Guilty verdicts for clients indicted and placed on trial for 1st Degree Murder.
  • 5 Reversals of Murder Convictions on Direct Appeal to the state's highest court.
  • Numerous Not-Guilty verdicts for individuals indicted and placed on trial for Attempted Murder, Manslaughter and Reckless Homicide.

A successful defense to a homicide prosecution requires a thorough and complete investigation using private investigators, photographers, ballistics experts and forensic medial doctors. The successful defense of a murder prosecution requires representation by an attorney with knowledge of constitutional law, the rules of evidence, criminal law and procedure. Mr. Mejia is an attorney who brings experience and talent to the court room. As a criminal defense attorney licensed in the courts of Illinois and Kentucky, David Mejia has over thirty (30) years of experience in successfully defending murder prosecutions.

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