Louisville Post Conviction Petition Lawyer

Post-Conviction Petitions in Kentucky

In Kentucky, an inmate may seek post-conviction relief within a three-year time period following the date of conviction and sentencing or following the final order of the Kentucky Court of Appeals or Kentucky Supreme Court. This is called a Post-Conviction Petition under a Kentucky provision called "RCr 11.42." Such a petition, where certain requirements or conditions are met, can be filed in the circuit court where the individual was convicted and sentenced. It must allege a violation of fundamental, constitutional rights and filed within the prescribed time period. Such petitions generally allege the conviction was obtained in violation of rights and protections guaranteed to all under the United States and Kentucky Constitutions.

The preparation and filing of an RCr 11.42 Post-Conviction Petition requires knowledge of the law particularly Constitutional law and criminal law and procedure. Mr. Mejia has experience and success in the preparation and filing of Post-Conviction Petitions in Kentucky and Illinois.

If you have been convicted, and are presently serving a sentence upon that conviction and feel you may have been wrongly convicted or if you have been given excessive punishment, Contact David Mejia (502) 584-8991 or (502) 552-1170, for a consultation on whether your case qualifies for relief under the Kentucky Post-Conviction Petition Act.