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Providing Legal Defense to Individuals Charged with Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion

Federal tax fraud, generally, consists of income tax evasion as the result of filing a false tax return – most commonly - by an individual under-reporting his or her income or the over-reporting of expenses. It can also involve a criminal prosecution for the alleged failure to collect employment taxes, the failure or the willing refusal to file a tax return, not paying taxes or paying less than what is owed. Penalties upon conviction for criminal tax fraud can include fines and/or restitution and, in some cases, imprisonment.

All tax returns that require a signature of the tax filer are under oath.

Experienced Federal Tax Attorney in Louisville Ky

A conviction for tax fraud requires proof of intent or criminal conduct that is knowing, willing and intentional. The legal defense of a criminal tax fraud prosecution requires experience, skill and knowledge of federal tax law as well as the I.R.S. Code, federal criminal laws and an understanding of the criminal defenses available to such prosecutions. Therefore, it is advisable to engage the services of an attorney who possesses knowledge of federal criminal law and procedure and a working knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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