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MSD apologizes for hiring an attorney for employee charged in LMPD detective's death

January 4, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Legal expert, criminal defense attorney, and regular commentator with WDRB David Mejia weighs in on MSD's decision to withdraw Burdette's defense.

"This seems to be the right decision," Mejia said. "It could be toxicology or it could be observations of officers. It doesn't take an expert to see and observe somebody or make notice of somebody who's clearly under the influence."

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Regular Legal Analyst at WDRB Fox 41 Providing Commentary on ACLU filing contempt motion after Rowan Co. clerk Kim Davis defies judge's orders

September 1, 2015

SMOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) -- An attorney says the Kentucky clerk who won't issue marriage licenses and all her deputy clerks have been called for a federal court hearing Thursday morning.

Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins says the federal court alerted him that a hearing is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday in Ashland.

Watkins says clerk Kim Davis has been summoned to attend, along with all the deputy clerks who work in her office. The summons comes after two gay couples asked a federal judge to punish Davis by fining her, but not sending her to jail.

Lawyers for the couples filed the motion to hold Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court on Tuesday morning, shortly after her office refused again to issue the licenses -- this time despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against her.

Davis says her office is doing so "under God's authority."

The latest motion in the case asks U.S. District Judge David Bunning to hold Davis in contempt. Bunning will probably hold a hearing for the gay couples to present evidence, which could include testimony from Davis herself. Bunning would then decide on punishment. That could include fines, jail time or both, but the motion asks the judge to impose only financial penalties.

You can read the motions filed with the court here, here, and here.

Davis and her deputies who won't issue marriage licenses have been summoned to a federal hearing on Thursday.

Read more about the store and watch David Mejia's video commentary of the subject.

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Regular Legal Analyst at WDRB Fox 41 Providing Commentary on the George Zimmerman Case and Verdict

July 13, 2013

SANFORD, Fla. (AP/WDRB) -- Jurors have found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The six-member, all-woman jury deliberated for more than 15 hours over two days before reaching their decision Saturday night.

They had been given the chance to convict Zimmerman of manslaughter but did not do so, despite asking for a clarification of the charge earlier in the evening.

After hearing the verdict, Judge Debra Nelson told Zimmerman he was free to go.

Jurors heard two different portraits of Zimmerman and had to decide whether he was a wannabe cop who took the law into his own hands or a well-meaning neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense because he feared for his life.

WDRB legal expert David Mejia says he was not surprised by the verdict. Find out why by clicking on the video clip below.

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Regular Legal Analyst at WDRB Fox 41 Providing Commentary on the Karen Sypher Case

February 17, 2011

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- It could be weeks before Karen Cunagin Sypher reports to federal prison. Sypher was sentenced to seven years and three months for her role in trying to extort UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino.

On Saturday, her legal team faxed Fox 41 News copies of a psychologist's report who had interviewed Sypher.

James Faller, an investigator for Sypher's legal team, said the document proves Sypher was raped and suffered emotional distress. State prosecutors found Sypher's rape allegations were bogus in 2009 and chose not to charge Pitino.

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Wave 3 - Life Without Parole For 25 Years For Convicted Murderer, Suspected Gang Leader

David Mejia Criminal Defense Attorney for the Defendant

(LOUISVILLE) -- After four hours of deliberating Monday, the jury that found Kenneth Parker guilty of two murders decided his fate Monday. He avoided the death penalty and was sentenced instead to life in prison without parole for 25 years. As WAVE 3 Investigator James Zambroski reports, Parker could have been sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Parker, the suspected leader of the Victory Park Crips, was convicted Saturday of murdering LaKnogony McCurley in 2000 and William Barnes in 2002.

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Attorney For Co-Defendant Of Former UofL Dean. David Mejia's Client Schroeder Aquitted of Mail Fraud and Money Laundering.

May 18, 2010

Robert Felner said nothing when he entered the United States Courthouse in Louisville Monday morning, and he was equally quiet when Federal Judge Charles Simpson III asked him if he had anything to say in court.

In a low tone of voice he said, "No Your Honor."

Felner was sentenced to 63 months in prison and ordered to pay back money he pled guilty to stealing.

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Courier Journal - Accused Charity Thief Rejects Plea Offer

David Mejia Defendant's Criminal Defense Lawyer

A former WDJX radio personality accused of stealing as much as $150,000, donated to battle a fatal disease, said he was innocent and turned down a plea offer in Jefferson Circuit Court on Friday.

Now Todd Kelly Smith will likely be indicted in federal court in the next few weeks, and if he’s convicted, the possible prison sentence would be much stiffer, according to Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Todd Lewis.

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WDRB Fox 41 - Man faces death penalty in two murders

December 10, 2010

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- A deaf man is facing the death penalty after police say he killed two Louisville men. Gruesome details about the two murders were revealed in court Wednesday.

Prosecutors showed jurors graphic pictures of the murder victims in court, and they want the death penalty for just one of the men accused of the murders -- Jeston Murray.

Prosecutors say it all started in December 2008, when two deaf friends -- Michael Knights and Jeston Murray -- killed 72-year-old Darrel Spencer at the Army-Navy Surplus Store where he worked in downtown Louisville.

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Regular Legal Analyst at WDRB Fox 41 Providing Commentary on the Brent Burke Case mistrial costing taxpayers

April 5, 2011

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB Fox 41) -- 3 ½ years, four trials, and no convictions for Fort Campbell soldier Brent Burke.

He's accused of murdering his estranged wife, Tracy, and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, in her Rineyville home in 2007. Unable to make bail, Burke has sat in Hardin County's jail for 1,268 days and counting. Taxpayers have spent almost $40,000 housing him there.

"At some point, you have to make a determination of what are our realistic chances of winning this case vs. the cost to the taxpayers going forward," says Former Commonwealth's Asst. Attorney Brian Butler.

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Chicago Tribune - Judge Lefevour Aquitted of Main Charges But Convicted On Other Charges In Operation Greylord

July 14, 1985

Circuit Judge Richard F. LeFevour was convicted Saturday of all 59 counts of an Operation Greylord indictment that accused him of taking thousands of dollars in bribes over 14 years to fix drunken driving cases and parking tickets.

The judge, 54, was ashen as jury foreman Herbert McCord, a retired consultant from Hazel Crest, stood in the jury box clutching a sheet of paper shortly after noon Saturday. "We the jury find the defendant guilty as charged in the indictment," McCord read.

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Chicago Reader - How IRS Agents Are Making Their Cases Against Crooked Judges in Operation Greylord

David Mejia Criminal Defense Attorney for Defendant

Defense attorneys have argued that expenditure investigations are a great invasion of privacy, and it is hard to argue with the notion that a minute examination of anyone's financial behavior is going to reveal some pretty intimate details. In tracking down one judge's expenses, for example, Czurylo and Thullen found his florist; the florist's records led in turn to several girlfriends that the judge had had over the course of a few years, and the girlfriends detailed various outings at which the judge had spent money. Czurylo and Thullen were not interested in the girlfriends per se, but they were interested in the expenses.

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