Federal Tax Attorney

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Posted 2019-05-13

In order to receive a conviction for any type of tax crime, the prosecuting party is required to prove the intent of criminal conduct with the accused’s knowledge, willingness, and intent. Defense of such cases require extensive knowledge and experience of federal tax laws, I.R.S. tax codes, and a deep understanding of federal criminal laws.

Charges of federal tax crime can include:

  • Income tax evasions
  • Filing false tax return
  • Under representing tax incomes
  • Over-reporting of company expenses
  • Failure to collect employment taxes
  • Failure to file tax return
  • Failure to pay taxes
  • Failure to pay complete taxes owed

Being convicted of a federal tax crime is a serious offense and in addition to severe fines and restitutions, in some cases, charges can lead to imprisonment.

If you’re ever charged with federal tax fraud crime or federal tax evasion crime make sure to seek defense from a skilled, experienced, and trusted federal tax attorney .

David Mejia has over 40 years of experience in federal courts and carries an unbeatable track record for successful dismissals and reversals of charges. Contact David Mejia if you’re ever charged with any type of federal tax crime to discuss your case and determine the correct course of action for defense.