Post-Conviction Appeals in Kentucky and Illinois

David S. Mejia's Louisville Criminal Defense Blog

Posted 2019-02-26

Did you know that by law, individuals can seek Post Conviction Relief by filing a Post-Conviction Petition post sentencing in instances where critical new information is available to be presented for an appeal? At both the Federal and State level, a Post-Conviction Petition can be filed by a convicted criminal to request that a conviction or sentence be corrected or vacated.

Depending on the State and Federal jurisdictions, the deadline for filing a post-conviction appeal can vary. In the state of Kentucky, for example, post-conviction petitions have to be filed within a 3-year period following the date of sentencing and conviction.

When filing a post-conviction relief for criminal appeal, an individual is formally requesting a change of decision to be made by the lower court of law while demonstrating that the lower court made a trial error or errors when rendering the verdict.

Unlike the initial trial, a post-conviction appeal is a very different process that can be lengthy and complex. These appeals require following many procedural guidelines that are vastly different from the trial level courts.

As an experienced post-conviction lawyer, David Mejia possesses extensive knowledge in the Constitutional and Criminal Law procedures that are required to file post-conviction relief in the states of Kentucky and Illinois. David Mejia has an outstanding track record of successful post-conviction petition reversals.

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