What to Look for When Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

David S. Mejia's Louisville Criminal Defense Blog

Posted 2019-08-13

When one is facing criminal charges, it’s hard to know where to start when selecting a criminal defense lawyer to help you defend your case. When choosing a criminal attorney, make sure you consider the following points to help determine which attorney is the best option for your specific case:

1. Select an attorney with the right type of experience

First of all, if you are charged with a criminal offense, make sure to only hire a criminal defense attorney who concentrates his practice and experience in dealing with criminal defense cases. Also, ensure that the criminal attorney handles your particular type of criminal charges.

2. Select an attorney who is experienced in your particular jurisdictional court system and location

Hiring an attorney who is able to handle your particular case also depends on the type of charge you’re facing. Depending on whether the charges are brought upon on federal or state level, make sure to hire an attorney who has experience and is able to handle cases in the jurisdictional court system applicable to you.

3. Select an attorney with confidence, know-how, and a proven track record

Courtroom experience and confidence are extremely important when selecting a criminal defense lawyer for your case. Hiring an attorney with courtroom experience, a proven track record, and confidence when defending your case could make a huge difference in your outcome.

4. Select an attorney who know the basis of common law

Even through most attorneys will have to research and reference precedent case law for the case, an experienced attorney should be able to speak intelligently to the overall basis of your particular charge based on his or her prior experience. This includes the overall severity of the charges, possible penalties, and the overall general procedure and processes associated with your criminal charge.

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